LCEM   Contact Information

LCEM Office

Phone: 815-220-0238
Fran Gibson, LCEM Secretary
Office hours: Monday through Friday,
                     10 am to 2 pm (approximately)

In case of emergency
(when a priest is needed for severe illness or death)
During office hours, contact the office.
Otherwise, call Fr. Geisler's cell phone

Sr. Pastor: Rev. Mark Geisler
Cell Phone: 815-766-0694




Christ Episcopal Church - Ottawa
113 E. Lafayette St.
Ottawa, IL 61350-2114

Christ Episcopal Church - Streator
132 South Vermillion Street
Streator, Illinois 61364-2936

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
344 Joliet Street
LaSalle, Illinois 61301-2128

St. Andrew's in the Fields - Farm Ridge
1295 N. 2053rd Road
Grand Ridge, Illinois 61325-9407

Fr. John and Fran Gibson  Photo


LCEM Board Members

Co-Chairpersons: Bev Madsen and Christ Thomas


LaSalle: Kathi Bly, Frederick Carus (Bishop's Committee Chair person), Diane DiGregorio     

Ottawa: Julie Dominis, Joanne Kammerer (Warden), Bev Madsen, Judy Russell

Streator: Donald Martin, Jane Hart (Warden), Richard Norris

St. Andrew's: Christ Thomas (Warden), Barbara Mills, Beth Rice